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The Golden Hour

Lives Like The City by Sunset Surrender - Cassette

Lives Like The City by Sunset Surrender - Cassette

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Translucent dark blue tape cassette housed in library case with fold-out J-card insert.

"A fantastic album that takes the best of 80s new wave and synthpop and modernizes it, Lives Like The City is a catchy and upbeat album perfect for any situation. 
Themes of love, loss, and finding one's way in the world are explored throughout the course of the album, making it a surprisingly introspective listen as well." 
Side A.
  1. Eyes Wide Open 
  2. Postcard Summer 
  3. Lives Like The City 
  4. Your Surrender 
  5. Memoirs of a Future I 
  6. Fading Lights 
  7. Stockholm Syndrome 
  8. Mysterious Love 

side B. 

  1. A harmless lie 
  2. The Dance 
  3. Home 
  4. Kings of The Night 
  5. The Eye Of The Storm 
  6. The New Tomorrow 


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